Thursday, June 9, 2011

when is simple, boring?

i am a simple girl. i like simple things and things simple.

my favorite dishes have less than 5 ingredients for the most part. orecchiette with sausage and broccolini. baguette and brie. buratta with grilled bread. warm apple galette with vanilla ice cream. hell, vanilla ice cream!

i think i was 11 or 12 10 years old when my mother, her mother and i took a 4 (or was it 6) week road trip through the west durning the summer. car camping and sightseeing all mother nature had to offer. we went to the grand tetons, grand canyon, canyonlands, mesa verde, moab, the flaming was an amazing experience, spending all that time in a car with my mother and grandmother. when we visited yellowstone there were ice cream stands at all the viewing spots, i asked my mom if we could get a scoop and she said at the end of the afternoon, when we are done with hiking around we could. after an entire day of seeing all these ice cream stands and people eating ice cream it was torture not to have any of my own! finally, at the end of the day, it was ice cream time! what did i order? vanilla. yup. my mother even commented on the fact that all day all i wanted was ice cream and what did i get when i could finally have some? vanilla.

two nights ago i made myself a dinner of chicken cutlet, roasted brussels sprouts and a baby green salad. for lunch today i made a sando out of it. whole wheat bread, mayo and the chicken. i think it's perfection, so simple and honest. if i didn't eat all the arugula the other day, it would be the only thing i would add to this lunch.

so, at what point is simple, boring? i think this is the perfect sandwich and you might too, unless of course you don't like mayo (i don't understand those people anyway, no offense).

happy wednesday!

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