Wednesday, June 1, 2011

hipsters know how to dance!

last night, the mr and i ventured out on a dark but not too cold night to see a band called !!! (chk chk chk) at the doug fir lounge in ne portland. we first saw them last october at the treasure island music festival and were thoroughly entertained by them. the lead singer dude has his own unique dancing style, which can only be described as awesome.

not only did the band entertain, our fellow show goers really had it going on. within a 20 foot radius of us we had the completely hammered "a little older definitely not hipster couple" doing the head shake and fist pump. the "american apparel lace body suit wearing hipster girl" all over the "baseball cap wearing not so hipster" boyfriend. the "interpretive dance hipster girl" dancing with the "interpretive dance totally gay hipster dude".

now i am not passing judgment or being mean. i had a really good time watching these people get their dance on. it was AWESOME! and all this on a tuesday night!

oh how i heart portlandia!

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