Monday, June 13, 2011

weekend recap

once again portland has fallen under grey wet skies. i am trying to tell myself that i am okay with it, even though i desperately need summer to hurry up and get here.

the mr came home friday from his 9 day biz trip. it's always nice to have some time by myself but 9 days is a little too long. there are only so many romantic comedies and british tv series one can watch on her own without going a little stir crazy.

a few things happened over the weekend:
on satuday baby jack turned 1! we ate burgers and chocolate cupcakes to celebrate his pretty eventful 1st year.

the first time i met jack 1 year ago. he is such a dream.

we went to a portland timbers vs colorado rapids game satuday night. sad to report the timbers lost 1-0. i blame the unfit official and his lazy foul calls just so he wouldn't have to run the pitch. lame.

sunday morning i made creamy polenta with soyrizo, sauteed spinach and topped with a poached egg. i have been trying to get the mr to try textured soy protein (tofu dogs, ground soy for tacos, etc) and i snuck in the soyrizo while he was busy doing school work in the office  bedroom. thankfully he didn't even question that is wasn't chorizo and didn't turn his nose up when i told him what is really was. win!

iced lighthouse coffee - heaven

sunday afternoon i put on a big ol'pot of red meat sauce make with ground veal. had it simmering away for over 4 hours till the meat was just tender enough it would melt in your mouth! tossed it with some goofy looking pasta (radiatori) and topped a dollip of fresh ricotta cheese. another win.

while the sauce was on the stove cooking away i tried to make a dent in my magazine stack and came across this:

it doesn't smell to good and makes me sneeze. a lot.

i came across this in my google reader. these need to be made STAT!

i also found this.

and this.

i fell in love with this look.

i am currently coveting a pair of these

today i woke up to this being a complete jerk.

and this was todays lunch:

tuna salad w/capers and onions. mixed baby greens and olive oil toast

i am trying to get my arse in gear and go for a run. tomorrow. i. will.

till next time,

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