Thursday, June 2, 2011

a simple lunch for a simple girl and other ramblings

per usual, the mr has left* on a biz trip early this am and will be gone till NEXT friday. ugh. but fear not, i have many items on my to-do list and daily planner. tomorrow is a birthday party to celebrate both ms sarah and mr kramer births (yippee)! house guests saturday night, ms july and ms jenny will drive down from seattle for a girls weekend! so far the plan is a roof top supper on the grill, baking and (window) shopping. the question is, what to bake? i am thinking of a tart or pie to go with some homemade ice cream and definitely some sinful cinnamon rolls like these or these for sunday breakfast. yum.

of course the sun isnt sure if it wants to come out today. it keeps peaking through the heavy clouds but gets pushed away. sigh. the good news is tomorrow is supposed to have a high of 72 and saturday a high of 83 (!@#$!).

whats on the stereo: the national

my lunch today:
toasted baguette with goat cheese, cucumber and avocado sando with mixed greens

quality baguette
1 tbs goat cheese
1/2 avocado
1-2 inches of an english cucumber, sliced
1 cup mixed greens
sea salt
1/2 lemon
1/2 tsp olive oil

to make:
smear goat cheese on one side of toasted baguette. avocado on the other.
add sliced cucumber. sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. a squeeze of lemon.
toss greens with salt and pepper, squeeze of lemon juice and olive oil.
plate, eat and enjoy!

*for all of you who fear for my safety if i publicly declare on the internet to be home alone, thank you for your concern, but i live in a giant high rise. good luck trying to get past the front desk, up the elevator and even to my door. now, when (fingers crossed!) we move to a detached single family home, it will be a different story.

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