Sunday, June 26, 2011

friday = pizza night

when i was growing up friday was not pizza night. apparently in g's house it was. now i'm not saying we never had pizza growing up, we did, we ate a lot of pizza, lots of homemade pizza! we always had "make your own pizza" parties and my mom made her dough from scratch! in g's house, pizza friday meant going out for pizza. so i guess we've combined the best of both our childhoods into our very own pizza fridays.

to be honest, there has been a lot of pizza fridays in our house, on tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays.....i pick up pre-made dough at whole paycheck whenever i walk down that aisle with the intention of making rolls or garlic bread, but it always turns into pizza. tuesday last week is was shrimp with broccoli and white sauce. white sauce being garlic, butter and olive oil.

i really need to work on my iphone pictures

friday night we decided to make a calzone instead of a pizza. spicy pork sausage, mushrooms, fresh ricotta, mozzarella and tomato sauce. serve with extra tomato sauce on the side. and it was amazing.

fresh out of the oven

ooey gooey yummy

g is excited

the next morning, i used the left over sausage, mushrooms, asparagus (from the blue cheese risotto) and soft polenta (from last weekends breakfast) to make a quick breakfast. i fried the eggs instead of poaching, i just wasn't in the mood to deal with all that when frying is so quick.

creamy polenta with sausage, mushrooms, asparagus and fried egg

i don't have any recipes because these meals were all pulled out of my arse. basically, you need pre-made pizza dough*, pick your sauce - red or white, pick your toppings, bake in a REALLY hot oven** for about 10-15 minutes, open up some wine and enjoy with your honey. easy peasy.

as for the breakfast - any veggie tastes good when its paired with pork sausage and a runny egg.

*whole foods generally always has it in stock, its in the prepared meals section, if you're lucky they will have whole wheat dough too

**ours only goes up to 475 before it sets off the smoke alarm. awesome.

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