Tuesday, June 28, 2011

daydreaming on a rainy day

the weather this weekend made it feel like summer was here to stay, but when we woke up (super*) early this morning it was raining. ugh. i'm SO ready for some sun. being a colorado girl, growing up in a state that gets more sun in a year than california, the pacific northwest is a bit of a challenge. i just keep looking for the light, the light at the end of the bad weather tunnel. i know summer is coming. it has to, right? right?

on the stereo: the new pornographers

lunch: smashed avocado on toast.

last night we made this for supper.

daydreaming about:
i'd really like to go to a drive-in movie. there is one nearby after all.

next year i'd really like to take my wellies to Glastonbury.

after the wedding, i'd really like to make these. don't they sound/look amazing! do they really belong on that blog though?

this might be a really good way to incorporate a 'man cave' into our future home.

maybe i should do this with my spoon collection (but maybe only to the ugly conquests)

till next time,

*G had a 6am flight this morning and yes, i am the resident taxi driver.

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