Tuesday, June 14, 2011

meet figgy.

also known as mrs figglesworth, the figgster, booboo, snuggles, snugs, mccuddlebutt, and occasionally, jerk.

december 2009, i asked mr if we could get a kitten. he thought about it. we discussed where we would put the litter box in our small sf apt. he thought about it some more. yes was his answer. we purchased a little box and all the fixins to bring home a kitty.

january 4th 2010, we went to Pets Unlimited on Fillmore to adopt a kitty. sadly they were not open on tuesdays. lame.

january 5th, we went to the sfspca and met so many beautiful kittens that needed homes. there was an adorable black and white long hair but short in spots male. very playful and out going. there was a brother sister duo that were white with hints of siamese. and then we came across an orange and white striped kitty sharing a room with a creamy light brown seal point siamese that was hiding in the corner, too scared to come out.

we coaxed her out with a toy, picked her up and fell in love. mr and i knew we had found our new baby. her name was figgy. true love was in the form of a light brown blue crossed eyed kitten.

the sfspca had told us that figgy was a rescue kitten from berkeley. she was born on october 22nd 2009. she was what they call "a cherry blossom" kitten, meaning that she was very shy, quiet and needed a lot of patience and love. they instructed us to keep her in a small room, like the bathroom, to let her get familier with the space, then let her into another small room, and so on until she was comfortable with the entire apartment. given that our apartment wasn't very large, it didn't take very long for her to feel at home.

when we moved up to portland we packed up the 2 seater BMW with 7 cases of wine, my bike, the airbed, our clothes and the cat.

figgy wasn't so happy being in her crate. so not happy. we decided to let her out and let her do her thing. she sat in the middle of us for a little bit. then she'd sit in my lap. toward the end of the trip she found herself a little space in the back and slept all the way to our new home.

she was the best damn traveling cat we could ask for. we even went through in-n-out drive thru (last in-n-out before you leave CA is in redding. just so you know).

till next time,

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