Monday, July 18, 2011

this happened. file under beverages.

i'm taking a break from all things wedding to share what happened of the weekend.
it was a good weekend.

saturday night i talked G into taking me to a movie, like a real date night! we headed out a bit early to seek out a powerball ticket (don't ask). sadly, we missed the 8pm drawing cut off. so, we went to bailey's taproom for a pint. i had a pint of Burnside Berlinerweisse. it was light, citrus-y and refreshing. i could drink it all summer. G had Sierra Nevada Ovila Dubbel. it was dark, he liked it.

we had some time to kill before the movie so we stopped for a drink at The Zeus Cafe, a new spot across the street from our apartment that is quickly becoming our local. don't get me started on why we no longer go to clyde common...... i digress. at Zeus's i had a lavender mojito. i asked for a cocktail low in alcohol and the lovely bartender came up with the lavender mocktail pictured below. it was actually quite nice!

we saw Conan O'brien Can't Stop at Livingroom Theaters, a great theater with food, drinks, and big comfy seats. i would highly recommend seeing Can't Stop. It's very funny, as it should be, it's Conan O'Brien after all.

sunday night i had a killer craving for a milkshake. thankfully G not only tolerates my ice cream habit, but enables me (within reason). we went to The Original for my fix. I had my favorite - chocolate malt, and G had wait for it....wait for it....BOURBON BACON MAPLE. yes, a milkshake. no words.

so basically what happened was we had two date nights. two. how lucky am i?

back to wedding stuff.

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