Saturday, May 28, 2011

well hello new fella

for a few years now i have had a love/hate relationship with blogs. i can spend an entire day reading my Google Reader, most of which is comprised of food blogs, design blogs, weddings blogs, crafts blogs, cocktails blogs, fashion blogs, canning blogs, and geek-ery blogs. i generally love all the blogs i read, until i get sick of reading about how perfect all the authors lives appear to be. so, ive decided to start my own blog to show the world that i too, have a perfect life. dammit.

i would like to blog about mostly food - cooking it, eating it, buying it, reading about it, etc. i will promise to post recipes along with pictures when i make something at home. i will also blog about our travels (our = mr murtyka and i's), mrs figglesworth will have her own posts, of course. i will post awesome things that i find on the interweb and i promise to keep my wedding post to a minimum (maybe just a recap of the events after the actual events take place). i have awful grammar and spelling habits that i promise to break, and i will try to keep the cursing to a minimum.

questions, comments and answers are always welcome and appreciated.

till next time,

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